Company history

We have been successfully serving brazing alloys,welding materials, and related products since 1966.
We have been developing our business steadily thanks to warm advice and trust from customers.We would like to express deep gratitude to them.
Having our accumulated technology we will continue to develop our products and also contribute to society.


1966 Katsumi Muramoto starts business in Setagaya-ku,Tokyo.
1968 Factory of welding and flux is opened in Machida-shi,Tokyo.
1970 Head Office is moved from Setagaya-ku to Toshima-ku,Tokyo.
1970 TOYO YOZAI CO.,LTD is established.
1971 Omiya factory and business office are opened.
1975Head Office is moved to current location.
1977 Osaka factory is opened.
1981 Kawasaki office is opened.
1982 Saitama factory and Saitama office are opened.
1985 Kawasaki office is moved to Tsurumi-ku,Kanagawa pref.
1988 Gifu office is opened.
1997 Kanagawa office is moved to Aoba-ku.
1999 Omiya warehouse is opened.
2003 Kansai office is opened in Hyogo pref.
2007 Head Office is newly built in current location.