Message from President

TOYO YOZAI Co., Ltd. has been producing the high quality brazing materials and supplying to the market since 1970.
Our recent research activity has achieved the success of new development of deoxidation chemical compounds to fulfill customers’ satisfaction by enjoying best quality and lower cost on copper tube brazing in air conditioning system.
Brand new product “ TOYO CLEAN COPPER” can save your working hours and cost by just one shot of spray to the inside of brazing joint and achieve the satisfactory results of no corrosion / no scale at all, to lead longer life in air conditioning and refrigeration system.
TOYO YOZAI’s staffs will do our utmost efforts for better services by developing not only CLEAN COPPER but also the most advanced products to meet customers’ satisfaction.
We highly appreciate your support for the betterment of Human life and Environment.

Mitsushige Muramoto